Go Green

Green Building

"Green" building, in its various forms, has been around for many years and is becoming increasingly popular as we all become more keenly aware of rising energy costs, limited natural resources and growing health problems.

Patalsky Homes is Energy Star Certified Partner and welcomes the opportunity to talk with clients about the many benefits of green building. We enjoy sharing information about green construction techniques, materials and appliances with our custom-build clients and want them to be informed as possible with regard to the benefits as well as the costs of green.

Just How Green?

There are literally thousands of ways to make a home "greener" and just how green to build a home can be a very personal decision. Whether it's advanced framing or insulation, more efficient heating and air conditioning, use of reclaimed materials, or a floor plan that makes better use of the sun's energy, we'll help you with everything you need to know to make the right decisions for your family.

We want our clients to understand that while green technology, materials and building techniques have seen drastic improvements, even today there may still be some trade-offs, both economically and aesthetically.

Energy Star Partner

While some green decisions may require serious deliberation, others do not. Most everyone wants an energy efficient home and the way to make certain you achieve this is by using and Energy Star builder. Patalsky Homes is a recognized Energy partner.

Just as the Energy Star label on an appliance indicates you're getting an energy efficient appliance, a builder with Energy Star certification means you're dealing with a builder who meets the stringent energy efficiency standards set for home construction.

Homes that earn the ENERGY STAR include four "must have" features behind the walls that will make you more comfortable, reduce utility bills, and help protect the environment.

  1. Air sealing and insulation that works
  2. Heating & air conditioning ducts that don't leak
  3. Advanced windows for comfort
  4. Independent testing and inspection to ensure quality construction

Most builders will tell you that they build energy efficient homes. But builders whose homes earn the ENERGY STAR back up their claims. ENERGY STAR qualifies homes are inspected and tested by an independent Home Energy Rater to meet EPA's new and more rigorous guidelines for energy efficiency.

Go Green?

Green construction is not just for homeowners tired of facing huge utility bills, and it's not just for those with asthma, allergies, and breathing problems. It's for anyone concerned about improving our stewardship of natural resources. It's about doing what we can to reduce waste and pollution.