Our Process

When you build your custom home, Patalsky Homes will be with you every step of the way to help ease your stress and enjoy the creative process. Over 30 years of home building experience means that Patalsky Homes is a company that makes sure you get exactly what you want. Let us take your design or help you design a new custom home and enjoy our commitment to detail.

Your relaxation while building a home springs from our highly disciplined and structured process. This is Patalsky Homes' specialty - a commitment to organization that separates us from any other custom homebuilder.

We offer a complete turnkey service, from initial design to final delivery. When you are building a custom home, it is very important that every aspect is designed to meet your expectations. That is why we offer three great ways for you to design your home with us and ensure that you are pleased with every detail.

  1. Choose from one of our beautiful homes we have already built. Each home was carefully designed by some of the best architects in the country.
  2. Work with one of our professional design partners to design your very own home from scratch.
  3. Bring us a design of your own and we'll help you make it a reality.

And our system is flexible; if you prefer to enroll your own pre-selected architect, we are happy to coordinate your efforts with your design professional.

Step 1: Initial Meeting

First, we'll listen. To build a home that works for you, we need to know your vision. What have you always wanted in a home? Do you have a specific lot? Do you have plan? If you don't have a plan of your own, Patalsky Homes has the expertise to develop a well thought out plan that fits your family's lifestyle. We encourage you to bring pictures, print outs, web addresses, anything you can think of for us to get to know you.

Based on your vision, we discuss a budget for your home. Some homebuyers try to be coy and not reveal their budget. Their only concern is to know how much per square foot a builder charges for the homes that he builds. To this I would suggest an alternate scenario to consider. Picture a custom builder as if he were an automobile manufacturer who builds everything from a bottom line Chevy to a top of the line Mercedes. A true custom homebuilder should have the ability to build this range of size and quality. Would you ask a "custom” automobile manufacturer how much they charge per pound for a car? Probably not. The question would be nearly impossible to answer. The actual price for the car (price per pound) depends on what is included in the car and its relative quality. The same is true for a home.

Step 2: Building on Your Dream

After the first meeting, we should have developed a good picture of your dream home. If the client did not have their own plans, preliminary drawings may have been drawn from our initial meeting. A design agreement will be needed if the client chooses to design their home from scratch or redesign existing plans.

At this point there may be additional meetings until we finalize your drawings. Within this time, Patalsky Homes will be able to generate a preliminary price for your home.

Step 3: Finalize the Details

We have developed a finalized set of prints. Patalsky Homes will have a finalized price for your home. After reviewing the details, the client will be asked to sign a Purchase Agreement.

Within the price are standard items and allowances that are included. These are items defined in the Description of Materials and the Allowance Schedule. The Description of Materials lists the specifications of the materials such as the sub floor thickness, wood framing species, etc. Allowances are given for plumbing, lighting fixtures, exterior veneers, shingles, kitchens, trim, door hardware and floorings.

After a contract is signed the customer will proceed with the new home loan process. Usually the customer has already begun this process by getting a pre-approval so they know how much money they can spend on their new home. At this point, the bank will need a copy of the purchase agreement and the description of material document. They will then order an appraisal on the proposed new home and a loan application will be submitted.

Step 4: "Start the Ball Rolling"

Patalsky Homes will start the ball rolling. We will distribute the documents that we use to facilitate building your home.

Our commitment to organization allows you to stay relaxed as possible through this complex endeavor by laying out a framework with detailed paper work. Patalsky Homes has developed documents that keep our clients organized and informed.

The Construction Sequence document lays out the general order of events that we will take to build your home. At the end of this document is a guideline for when you should have certain selections picked in order to keep your home on track to be finished on time. The Selection Locations list the names and addresses of our preferred vendors and the Selection Sheet helps you keep track of those selections. Click on the links for samples of the handouts Construction Sequence, Selection Locations, Selection Sheet, Draw Schedule and Utility & Community Services.

Step 5: Construction

Before construction of your home can begin, Patalsky Homes, Inc. has several important tasks to accomplish that involve outside people and entities. For example:

  • Structural changes you decided to make to the plans may necessitate revision of engineering for the home. This must be completed prior to applying for a building permit and can take from several days to several weeks.
  • Residential construction requires that we obtain a building permit. The process varies and can take a few days to many weeks depending on the volume of applications being processed by the building department. This volume varies from month to month.
  • The time of year may affect the start date because of the weather conditions.

Many buyers appreciate the opportunity to tour their home just after the rough mechanical stage, before insulation. The rooms have begun to take shape but the inner workings are still visible. This is an opportunity for you to see the quality that goes inside the walls of your home.

The meeting gives all of us an opportunity to confirm that we are correctly installing the options you ordered or approved changes you requested. We will also update you on the target delivery date during the frame tour.

Step 6: Satisfied Customer

Upon completion of your home, there will be a Homeowner Orientation to introduce you to your new home and its many features. We follow a preplanned agenda and a set route through the home to assure that we cover everything. Our homeowner orientation provides you with the following:

  • Demonstration of your new home.
  • Review of key points about maintenance and limited warranty coverage.
  • Confirmation that Patalsky Homes installed selections and options as you ordered them.

Our entire team shares a passion for client satisfaction, and we mean satisfaction for life. So we remain available to you for as long as you inhabit your Patalsky Homes home. We will give you advice and discuss any topic about your home, including warranty issues.

At Patalsky Homes, our goal is to not only build your home, but also build a lasting relationship to guarantee a Satisfied Customer.